Kieran Halpin House Concert • Saturday 23 September, 3pm

Kieran HalpinKieran Halpin will be playing our next house concert tomorrow – Election Day.  Don’t worry about missing the results, the concert is at 3pm.  Cost is $20 and a small plate or beverage contribution to afternoon tea.

This will be a unique opportunity to hear a world class writer and performer in the intimate setting of Musichaven.

About Kieran
To date Halpin has released 22 CD’s, and 3 songbooks with 137 published in all 3!! It is a remarkable achievement for any artist to be so prolific and still maintain such high standards. If the measure of a songwriter is the number of artists singing their songs – then Kieran Halpin must be considered a great modern writer of songs. There can be few writers on the acoustic/folk scene in Europe today who have had more songs covered. Often the songs are better known than the writer himself!

Halpin’s songs cover every conceivable subject from love, loss and celebration, to the more global concerns that face all of us today and is often described as a modern protest song writer. He is never afraid to tackle topics that will provoke opinion and debate. His performances are at once powerful and passionate, intimate and intense. His songs in concert are underscored by an incisive wit in his introductions which helps an audience understand where the song comes from and hint at where it might be going.

2017 sees the release of Halpin’s latest CD – Doll. It contains 11 new songs and was recorded and produced by legendary German producer Manfred Leuchter.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$20 cash at the door.

WilkieMac House Concert • Sunday 10 September, 3pm



WilkieMac, Lynne Wilkins and Michael Mackinnon, explore acoustic musical styles: from contemporary songs by a range of local and overseas writers, through to Wilkins’ own compositions; and from traditional folk songs and ballads through to their “folk-ised” take on classic popular songs. they are based in the coastal community of Raglan, a creative community and surfing town located on the west coast of the North Island, but settle in for a trip around the world, an exploration of matters of the heart, a journey through time, and a study of lighter subjects… brought to you through a soundscape of guitars, wind instruments, and blended vocals.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$10 cash at the door.

Matt Ryan House Concert • Saturday 5 August, 3pm.


Scottish born singer and guitarist, Matt Ryan, plays mainly covers of social commentary. His repertoire ranges from contemporary ballads to new wave country influenced songs by the like of Guy Clarke and John Prine (Bob Dylan’s favourite song writer).

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$10 cash at the door.

Chris Penman – House Concert, 23 July, 3pm

Unaccompanied songs drawn from struggles, love, hope and victory.


Chris Penman has been singing since birth and hasn’t stopped! Her family has been associated with traditional Scottish music both in New Zealand and Scotland through the tremendous singing of her father Jack and his sister Eileen back in Edinburgh. Since emigrating to New Zealand in her childhood, Chris has forged a very successful life in the folkscene and beyond – appearing at all the major folk festivals and captivating audiences with her strong, clear vocals and emotive delivery, along with a sometimes hilarious stage presence.

Chris has enjoyed being in many bands over the years and has toured nationally with the “Warratahs as their support act for their final tour.  She loves all music and styles – evident in her repertoire. This tour sees her revert to her first love – unaccompanied traditional and contemporary songs drawn from struggles, love, hope, victory – linking the past to the present, whilst saluting the rock from which she was hewn. 

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$10 cash at the door.

Helen Capes – The Hexhamshire Lass – House Concert, 18 June, 3pm

The Hexhamshire Lass.JPG2Singer and Northumbrian piper, Helen Capes has a unique sound and repertoire.

Helen grew up in Hexhamshire, in Northumberland. She emigrated to New Zealand 20 years ago and took her musical heritage with her. She has been enthusiastically sharing it ever since and has performed at festivals in New Zealand, Australia and Britain. As she travels, she gathers influences from the new environments and incorparates them into her performances.Helen Capes-The Hexhamshire Lass

Helen sings, recites, and plays the Northumbrian Smallpipes with an infectious humour. Her songs range from very ancient to new and touch on all the human emotions: cry about loss, laugh about love, suffer with those who struggle, celebrate with those who triumph. The tunes will make you want to dance, tap your feet, smile or remember special moments.

Be taken on a musical journey.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$10 cash at the door.

Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman house concert, 15 January, 2.30pm

chris_maire_oct2013Máire Ní Chathasaigh and Chris Newman will play a house concert at our place at 2.30pm on Sunday 15 January. Their music is a breathtaking blend of traditional Irish music, hot jazz, bluegrass and baroque, coupled with striking new compositions and Chris’s delightfully subversive wit.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$25 cash at the door and bring extra for CD’s.

For more information about Chris and Máire go to

Reverie • 4 December • 2pm

The final MusicHaven house concert for 2016 is on Sunday 4 December at 2pm.
Cost is $10.  Let me know if you are coming by email
or text 0274515486.  We will follow the concert with a shared meal.

reverie“Reverie” are Victoria Vigenser and Tony Hillyard:

Victoria has a spell binding quality to her voice that she weaves into every performance. With a special passion for harmony, her accompaniment on guitar, dulcimer or bodhran is always delicate and thoughtful. Victoria holds traditional song at her musical core, and has also developed an enviable reputation as a talented young singer/songwriter and vocal accompanist.

Tony is recognised for performances that are liberally laced with strong, emotional melodies and lyrics. A balladeer at heart, he researches and chooses his material with skill and sensitivity. Tony’s voice has been described as “hot, creamy chocolate!”, and his fingerstyle accompaniment on guitar and six string banjo adds layers of melody as if another voice were in the mix.

Together they sing and play songs, ballads and melodies drawn from the head, heart and soul of the folk roots movement.