The Madillionaires at MusicHaven • Saturday 8 August, 7.00pm

The Madillionaires; Peter Madill, Jude Madill, and Joseph Coleman, three generations of the same family. Combining dynamic and diverse musical styles with strong vocal harmonies they perform original songs as well as a wide range of music from elsewhere.


Photo: Alex Coleman

As well as having three vocalists, The Madillionaires play guitars, fiddle, banjo, accordion and attitude.

The Madillionaires will entertain you with songs of heroism and hardship, murder and survival. You will be regaled with re-imagined ballads of yesteryear and hear tell of more recent times as well.

Disclosure statement: there may be traces of country; alt-country; folk in this music.

Admission $15 and a small plate of something for supper.
Bookings are essential for this concert:
email, or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.