Mandy Connell and Girl Friday House Concert • Saturday 14 April, 2pm

Mandy Connell and Girl Friday visit New Zealand in April 2018, and will play a MusicHaven house concert this Saturday, 14 April, from 2pm. Award winning songwriters, and well loved in Victoria and Australia, they head to New Zealand to make new friends and see new horizons.

GirlFriday MandyConnell

Mandy Connell has a striking voice and an immense command of her space. A strong story teller, Connell is completely spellbinding, leaving no doubts as to her skills with words, and with her handmade guitars The front woman for Stray Hens, and host of a video series featuring chat and duets, “An Otherwise Quiet Room”, she offers us a full set of her own work.

Girl Friday (Tracey Hogue) with her folk, jazz and blues sensibilities evokes a sense of nostalgia, innocence and melancholy. Her rich, soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics remind us that people have felt and sung about the same things forever and a day. Girl Friday’s arrangements mark her out as a talented writer on ukulele and guitar, and it’s her evocative, tender style that has us in the palm of her gently strumming hand.

Bookings are essential – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486. Admission is $15 and a small plate or bottle for afternoon tea. 

MandyConnell NFF

Mandy Connell singing at the National Festival in Canberra.