Helen Capes – The Hexhamshire Lass – House Concert, 18 June, 3pm

The Hexhamshire Lass.JPG2Singer and Northumbrian piper, Helen Capes has a unique sound and repertoire.

Helen grew up in Hexhamshire, in Northumberland. She emigrated to New Zealand 20 years ago and took her musical heritage with her. She has been enthusiastically sharing it ever since and has performed at festivals in New Zealand, Australia and Britain. As she travels, she gathers influences from the new environments and incorparates them into her performances.Helen Capes-The Hexhamshire Lass

Helen sings, recites, and plays the Northumbrian Smallpipes with an infectious humour. Her songs range from very ancient to new and touch on all the human emotions: cry about loss, laugh about love, suffer with those who struggle, celebrate with those who triumph. The tunes will make you want to dance, tap your feet, smile or remember special moments.

Be taken on a musical journey.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email ruth@musichaven.co.nz or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$10 cash at the door.