Across the Great Divide at MusicHaven • Saturday 17 November, 2pm

Across the Great Divide have always enjoyed merging the music and styles they were respectively familiar with, to come up with something a little different. Karen took up the challenge of applying Celtic guitar to fast rousing bluegrass, Americana tunes and Tony’s original compositions. Tony in turn, arranged dobro for Celtic airs and fiddle tunes to accompany Karen’s exquisite harp performance and blistering paced guitar fuelled jigs and reels.
Tony Burt and Karen Jones are launching their debut ‘Uncommon Ground’ album. A true folk fusion.

Bookings are essential – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486. Admission is $15 and a small plate or bottle for afternoon tea. 

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Terence Blacker in concert • Wednesday 24 October, 7.30pm

Once described by the Boston Globe as an “angry, smart and funny man”, Terence Blacker is a songwriter, singer and author who has sung and read at festivals, clubs and theatres in the UK, Europe and America.  His songs have been compared to the work of Jake Thackray, Tom Lehrer, Noel Coward and Jacques Brel, but his style is very much contemporary and his own.TerenceBlacker

He took a one-man-show to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2013, and wrote and presented a two-part history of politically incorrect music for BBC Radio, and has released two CDs, Lovely Little Games (2012) and Sometimes You Face Don’t Fit (2016). A new CD – Enough About Me will be released in 2018.

Terence was already an established author when he started writing and performing his songs in 2009.  His musical storytelling – offbeat, funny songs capturing the lives of modern-day misfits and outsiders – quickly found a following at folk clubs and festivals.  One of his early songs – Sad Old Bastards With Guitars – will resonate with many folkies, especially those who’ve played in bands.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$15 on the door.

To find out more about Terence  click here.


Janet Muggeridge, Dave Murphy and Dougal Speir • Sunday 16 September, 2pm

Dave Murphy and Janet Muggeridge are an inspired collaboration. After years of jamming randomly together at festivals and parties, they have put their talent together to form a new duo.
Muggeridge and Murphy 4 BW - Danny Priestly.jpg
The glue in this partnership is the combined years of experience playing music, and a formidable skill set. Dave is rated as one of New Zealand’s best finger picking blues guitarists. He underpins their sound with driving guitar work and powerful vocals. This is overlaid with Janet’s mandolin riffs and chops and an unerring sense of harmony.

Their sound is evocative and compelling. Many of their songs will tug at your heartstrings or get your feet tapping as they deliver originals, and songs written by John Prine, Steve Earle, Townz Van Zandt and others. They cover blues, swing, and alt-country numbers with energy and musicality, drawing the audience in.

Dave and Dougal play guitar driven acoustic blues and country. They’ve been playing together for twenty years and can finish each others musical sentences!

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$15 on the door and a small plate or bottle for afternoon tea.

Charlotte Yates and Show Pony • Sunday 9 September, 2pm

Charlotte Yates is a top New Zealand singer/songwriter and performer. She’s a wonderful artist with a fabulous repertoire and she brings songs from her most recent album to entertain us.CharlotteYates ShowPonyThis is a great opportunity to hear and see Charlotte, with her percussionist/multi-instrumentalist collaborator Show Pony, in the intimate setting of a house concert.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$15 on the door and a small plate or bottle for afternoon tea.

Jude Madill House Concert • Saturday 7 July, 3pm

Jude Madill is bringing her songs of Butch Cassidy to Palmerston North. She will also be sharing songs about other characters and places, both real and imagined, collected along the way.


photo by Ebony Lamb

With a voice that has been likened to both Kathy Matea and Jewel, Jude plays and sings with great feel and an equal enthusiasm and love for music.

Jude has been singing ‘since forever’ although she has not always performed as a songwriter, she says “For a good part of my life I only sang and played other peoples music – then, quite suddenly, when I was 30-something I started writing songs myself.” Most of Jude’s original music falls somewhere in the folk/alt-country box although her musical inspiration comes from a lot of different genres.

Living in Wellington, Jude has played both solo and in groups around the local folk scene, most recently with The Madillionaires who perform a wide variety of music including some of Jude’s songs. This afternoon will be a mostly solo concert, comprising mostly original material.

Bookings are essential for this concert – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

$10 cash at the door.


KToo House Concert • Sunday 6 May, 2pm

“Ktoo” are Kevin McLoughlin and Kevin Ikin, two folk veterans who hail from Dunedin and first played together at The New Edinburgh Folk Club in the early 1980s. They both played (at different times) in “The Pioneer Pog ‘n’ Scroggin Bush Band” and are currently part of Wellington ceilidh band “The Jimmies”.

KToo - small copy

Both Kevs have family links to the South Island’s West Coast and this has stimulated their new collaboration: to gather and record a collection of songs and tunes about the Coast. Ktoo’s CD, “Land of the West”, was released in December, 2017.

They have unearthed tall and true tales from many sources, reflecting the unique character of the region and its people – stories from the goldfields, coal mines, towns and landscape of the Wild West, not forgetting the weather! They include songs from the colonial balladeer Charles Thatcher, Phil Garland, Willow Macky, Alwyn Owen and poems from Dave Ogle and the former West Coast MP, Paddy Blanchfield that they have set to music

There are original songs and tunes as well, rounding out a fascinating and highly entertaining collection ranging from the serious to the silly.

Instrumentally, Ktoo is as diverse as its material. The duo accompanies its songs on guitars, tenor banjo, mandolin, ukulele, bass, bouzouki, harmonicas and percussion.

Bookings are essential – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486.

Mandy Connell and Girl Friday House Concert • Saturday 14 April, 2pm

Mandy Connell and Girl Friday visit New Zealand in April 2018, and will play a MusicHaven house concert this Saturday, 14 April, from 2pm. Award winning songwriters, and well loved in Victoria and Australia, they head to New Zealand to make new friends and see new horizons.

GirlFriday MandyConnell

Mandy Connell has a striking voice and an immense command of her space. A strong story teller, Connell is completely spellbinding, leaving no doubts as to her skills with words, and with her handmade guitars The front woman for Stray Hens, and host of a video series featuring chat and duets, “An Otherwise Quiet Room”, she offers us a full set of her own work.

Girl Friday (Tracey Hogue) with her folk, jazz and blues sensibilities evokes a sense of nostalgia, innocence and melancholy. Her rich, soulful voice and heartfelt lyrics remind us that people have felt and sung about the same things forever and a day. Girl Friday’s arrangements mark her out as a talented writer on ukulele and guitar, and it’s her evocative, tender style that has us in the palm of her gently strumming hand.

Bookings are essential – email or contact Ruth on 027 451 5486. Admission is $15 and a small plate or bottle for afternoon tea. 

MandyConnell NFF

Mandy Connell singing at the National Festival in Canberra.